Way... Way Out

The Americans and the Russians each have a two-person base on the moon. The Americans have had to keep replacing their astronaut teams because they quickly go crazy; they have been using ...

Rating: 5.3 10 (631)

MPAA: Not available

Duration: 101 Minutes

Date Published: 1966-10-26

Genre: Comedy, Sci-Fi

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  • Das Mondkalb
  • Fezayi kurtaran adam
  • Jerry am Arsch der Welt
  • Jerry avaruudessa
  • Jerry på månefart
  • O Jerry Lewis katakta to diastima
  • Stazione luna
  • Tiens bon la rampe, Jerry
  • Um Biruta em Órbita
  • Um Maluco em Órbita
  • Un chalado en órbita
  • Un loco en órbita
  • Vår man på månen
  • Verflucht und zugenäht
  • Way... Way Out